About Fudia Smartt

Futurist Employment Lawyer, Public Speaker and Coach.

“Legal futurist (n): a person who studies and is interested in the future of law, legal practice and legal education; plans solutions to future legal problems so you don’t have to.”

Modern workplaces require innovative HR solutions.  The increased use of artificial intelligence and automation is changing how people work and what roles they perform.  Also, more so than ever before, people want to work for organisations which match their values. Businesses therefore require employment lawyers who can provide more than just black letter legal advice.  They require solutions which protect their legal position but also reflect their culture and values.  This is where I can help.

I am a creative and highly skilled employment lawyer who has worked in leading law firms across London for over 15 years.  I advise on every aspect of employment law; from appointments to terminations and beyond.  I fully understand the current legal issues individuals and employers alike face. As a futurist, I also spend time considering how the law is likely to change so that I can provide cutting-edge legal advice.

As a coach I also help businesses and individuals to create healthy working environments. Given the importance of wellbeing and employee engagement, I help develop soft skills such as adaptability, teamwork and good communication skills so that businesses can be productive and individuals can thrive.  I am a MBTI and DISC certified practitioner, and use these skills alongside my high social and emotional intelligence to provide the tailored advice you and your business need.

“People enthusiast (n): someone who is very interested in people; enjoys and/or is particularly good at interacting with others.”

I love connecting with people; whether it be on a one-to-one basis as an employment client or coach or, as a keynote speaker. I enjoy talking all things future about work, diversity and psychometric test-related, whether at industry events or on my YouTube account.